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Dive thousands of meters under the ocean and explore a lost world – the Lost City of Atlantis! Where titans and amazing creatures once lived, you’ll have an epic adventure through the ruins and beyond, playing solitaire and meeting interesting characters along the way!

From the ruins of the city itself to beautiful underwater gardens full of coral and marine life, you’ll have over 130 levels of solitaire to enjoy on your quest across each land. Every month, the solitaire world is expanded with exciting new maps and levels – so keep checking back for new updates!

A classic card game with a mythical twist
Solitaire Adventure brings the fun of the classic card game to your smartphone – with a dash of mystery and a whole of lot excitement – you’ll have hours of fun playing this relaxing single player game.

The gameplay is simple – just clear the piles of cards on the screen by selecting the card one value higher or lower than the card shown at the bottom of the screen. When you clear all the cards, you win!

Daily tasks & lots of free bonuses!
The Lost City of Atlantis is still home to some ancient creatures and valuable treasures. Every day you’ll be able to complete tasks and receive free coins, empty your coin globe that fills up every day and craft valuable treasures you can keep, or sell! There are so many bonuses – what should you do with all those coins?!

Rescue amazing creatures!
Be transported through side portals and adventure to distant lands to rescue beautiful creatures, trapped by evil characters. Once rescued, these animals will stay with you throughout your solitaire journey and evolve, using their special abilities to help you as you explore Atlantis and beyond!

★ A fun, relaxing single player card game
★ Play solitaire across beautifully designed maps across the Lost City of Atlantis
★ Over 75 levels with more added each month
★ Unique elements in each level such as golden and locked cards
★ Explore alternate worlds & rescue amazing creatures with special abilities
★ Find & craft valuable treasures, rune stones and more
★ Complete daily tasks for huge rewards
★ Empty the coin globe each day for free coins
★ Spend your coins to unlock new, unique card sets and styles
★ Get useful power ups to help on your solitaire quest
★ Play solitaire offline – no internet connection needed


Lost Islands – Levels 1-20
Legend has it that the entrance to the Lost City of Atlantis lies somewhere in the Lost Islands. With so many pools, each leading deep beneath the ocean – which one will you dive through?

Atlantean Creatures – Levels 21-40
This untouched, ancient landscape is home to unique, giant creatures. These creatures are gentle and love nothing more than a challenging game of solitaire – let’s play!

The Lost City of Atlantis – Levels 41-60
Enter the Lost City and discover the mysteries that lie within – do people still live here? Are the ancient tales true? Explore the ruins of the city and you may find what you’re looking for.

Gardens of Atlantis – Levels 61-80
Still as beautiful as they were thousands of years ago, these vibrant, colourful gardens mysteriously maintain themselves. Admire the beautiful coral and marine plans that thrive here.

***More levels coming soon***


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