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Hidden Object Games

Our Hidden Object games are perfect for those who want to relax. There's no timer, so play at your own pace and enjoy the relaxing museum and stunning artwork used to create our puzzles. Earn power ups, collectibles and advance through the map on your hidden object quest.


Hidden Object: Elven Forest

Welcome to the magical world of the Elven Forest! In this hidden object game, you'll explore the enchanting forest and help the elves find their lost treasures.

With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, Elven Forest is the perfect game for anyone who loves hidden object games and fantasy worlds. 


Hidden Object: 4 Seasons

In spring, players must find objects hidden in a garden bursting with blooming flowers. In summer, they will search for items at the beach. Fall will take players to an autumnal forest amongst the colorful leaves and wildlife. In winter, players will explore a snowy landscape, finding objects in the midst of the magical snowmen.


Hidden Object: Winter Wonderland

Discover the magic of the winter season in this hidden object game! Explore snowy scenes and find the hidden objects to unlock new levels. Can you find all the objects and complete the winter wonderland adventure?


Hidden Object: Magical Mysteries

Get lost in the magic of Elven Forest - a hidden object game full of fantasy and mystery. Explore enchanted lands, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of a magical world as you search for hidden objects in this thrilling adventure game.


Hidden Object: Once Upon A Time

Experience the enchantment of your favorite fairytales in this hidden object game. Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles to unlock the secrets of the storybook world.


Hidden Object: Happy Hideaways

With serene hideaways as your backdrop, you'll search for hidden objects in each scene. Take your time and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as you uncover each item. 


Hidden Object: Nature Escape

Find hidden objects in nature-themed scenes! Explore the great outdoors while searching for animals, plants, and other objects. This game is perfect for nature lovers of all ages. Can you find every hidden object and complete all the levels? Play now and test your skills!


Hidden Object: Summer Serenity

Immerse yourself in beautiful natural landscapes while searching for hidden objects. Relax as you explore each level, finding new challenges and unlocking new areas.


Hidden Object: Xmas Tree Magic

Join us in a festive treasure hunt as you explore a magical Christmas tree! Hidden among the branches are dozens of ornaments, gifts, and other holiday items. With beautiful graphics and cheerful music, this hidden object game is sure to be a hit with the whole family. 

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